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An international brand, Hyde Sails is one of the largest volume sailmakers worldwide, delivering high quality sails with a service to match. Backed up by over 50 years of expertise, Hyde Sails has always placed itself at the forefront of sail technology, design and production for everything from Dinghy Classes, One Design to Multihulls, Cruising and Racing Yachts.

Since the day the company was established, Hyde Sails commitment has been to deliver sails of high performance and impeccable quality with a service to match. Whether you are racing or cruising, in dinghies or in yachts, Hyde Sails have the designers, the technology and the experience to tackle any sail making challenge.

Available in Australia through our distribution network of sailmakers and sailors who service provide expert advice on your sails and other associated matters. Find a distributor nearest you for information on the range of Hyde Sails and accessories.

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Merlin Feature

Hyde sails and the Merlin Rocket class are like Port and stilton – they belong to each other. Most Merlin sailors will remember back to the 80s and 90s when Hyde sails were used to win championships year after year. However, the Hyde involvement actually goes way back into the 70s. In more recent years the Nationals have been won as well as a number of runner up spots.

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