Sonar Sails

Hyde Sails are delighted to be able to offer sails to the Sonar fleet. This past season we have been working with the UK boat builders, Carbon Index, and the French Para-Olympic team to develop the new class sails. These partnerships have provided invaluable feedback allowing us to make significant improvements to our designs. The new Sonar sails are fast and ready help you bring home the hardware.

Sonar mainsail

Based on our standard design, this sail was improved in two ways during the 2007 season. Firstly a significantly deeper lens foot was introduced to enable the fullness to be increased dramatically downwind. This was of particular interest to the Para-Olympic sailors who were seeking greater power when sailing without a spinnaker; it is now fitted as standard as it also effective when used with a spinnaker.

Sonar Jib

We have produced an all kevlar Jib that offers great flexibility allowing you to get the best performance throughout the wind range.
Tri - radial construction from the best materials ensures the desired shape can be obtained no matter what conditions you are sailing in.

Sonar Spinnaker

The S07A spinnaker remains unchanged this year having proven to be fast both reaching and running in a wide range of conditions. Tri radial in design the sail holds it shape well and is easy to use. We use a 0.5oz spinnaker material for this sail, reflecting the intense competition now developing in this class.



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