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Hyde Heritage Sails is a new range of sails dedicated to the Classic and Traditional classes of boats. Hyde Sails already share partnerships with boat builders such as Swallow Yachts who build and design ‘spirit of tradition’ yachts.

Cloth choices are available in a range of cream and tan cloths, with particular attention paid to finishing the sails with traditional features such as leather clew patches and brass piston hanks. The fore and aft sails are cross cut design and made from a durable woven polyester. These sails can be either for a Gaff or Bermuda rigged Sloop, Schooner or Ketch and are made to the world's highest standards, each sail is then finished by a craftsman sailmaker, whose training and experience allows for the creation of traditional finished sails.

Classic Sails - Hyde Heritage Sails

Mainsail Specification:

  • Cloths Traditional Dracon in Tan Bark or Cream
  • Leather Clew Patches
  • All Stainless steel crushed rings
  • Radial corner patching combining 2 and 3 step stitching
  • Reinforcement where necessary
  • Polyester low stretch leech lines
  • Plastic cleats for leech line at clew and reef positions
  • 2 reefing points as standard
  • Sailbag to suit
  • Sailbattens
  • Lacing lines for luff and Gaff
  • Insignia included
  • Sail numbers

Jib and Staysail Specification:

  • Cloths Traditional Dracon in Tan Bark or Cream
  • Leather Clew Patches
  • Stainless steel crushed Clew ring
  • All Radial patching combining 2 and 3 step stitching
  • Luff foil for Shrimper
  • Brass piston hanks
  • Head loop
  • Tack Loop
  • Reinforcement where necessary
  • Cleats and Eyelets for leech line tie off at clew
  • Pre stretched leech line
  • Sailbag to suit
  • Tell-tales

Genoa and Staysail bags are available for the ease of storage and with our custom designs and acrylic fabrics in a multitude of colour options, the bags allow for easy storage of the sails when they are not being used.


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